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Power of the Pen

Recently, I came across an absolutely fascinating blog called Letters of Note. The site has an amazing array collection of all types of letters, postcards, telegrams and memos which reveal personal details in each piece of correspondence.

My daughter, Abigail Reighard, writing at the Wailing Wall in Israel, 2009

One letter is entitled “A Cunning Suggestion,” and was written by a 10-year-old girl during WWII. The letter was addressed to President Roosevelt. The young writer wanted to suggest changing the drafting of new recruits from a lottery system to an alphabetical system. The fact that her last name started with a “W” goes a long way in explaining why she wanted this new selection process. She, of course, was attempting to help her father who had a very low lottery number by substituting the alphabetical system, which would have increased her father’s chances of avoiding the draft. Interestingly enough her father was not drafted and the copy of her letter is now part of history. Through this blog you get a real heart tug as you look at the childish writing and realize the depth of thought of a little girl attempting to keep her father at home.

Hand-written words on paper have an uncanny affect on us. There is something very personal and gratifying when someone takes the time to send us a hand-written note.

When you flip through a pile of mail, don’t you always open the hand addressed ones first? I know I do. Because it instantly signals my mind that someone has taken time to communicate with me in a most personal way.

Abigail Reighard, my daughter, placing a hand-written note at the Wailing Wall (Israel, 2009)

The pictures above are of my daughter, Abigail, while visiting Israel last year. She is doing what literally millions of people have done in the city of Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall. She is writing her prayers and subsequently touching history as she slips her notes into what I consider one of the most holy sites in the entire world.

So, here is my question . . .

WHO do you need to write?

WHAT do you need to write?


WILL you have the courage & wisdom to write that note today?

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