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Life Lessons from Pawn Stars

Okay, I admit it. I am definitely hooked. I love the show, Pawn Stars, on the History Channel.

The Harrison's of Pawn Stars

The concept of this weekly show is based on a family-owned pawnshop. The beauty is watching three generations of the Harrison family surf the free enterprise system with all the pizzazz of a prizefight. Each generation believes that they are right as they appraise merchandise that is either being pawned or sold. Their enmity for each other’s level of judgment is absolutely hilarious! As I’ve watched the show, it has become progressively apparent that the Harrison family/Pawn Stars are teaching me some valuable life lessons.

Lesson One: Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Most of the people pawning/selling their item(s) attach a greater value to what they are selling than those who are doing the buying. The seller is typically high on what they want in dollars for their items. The buyers are rarely willing to pay what is first demanded. Emotional attachment is frequently the source of inflated beliefs about the value of what they own. (Seventy-five percent of people fail to make a deal with the pawnshop on this show.)

Lesson Two: What you see is not always what you get.

Many people come in to pawn/sell what they believe is a genuine article, only to find out that it is a replica or an outright fraud. Autographs that appear to be real are often poor fakes that were reproduced on a copy machine. More exotic items may turn out to be replicas designed to fool well-trained eyes.

Lesson Three: The sooner you call in the experts; the sooner you will get to the truth.

The pawn store has a vast array of “experts” who are on-call to give them the truth on items that are about to be pawned/sold. Experts can keep you from making big mistakes, not only in a pawn store, but in other fields as well. Never be afraid to admit what you don’t know, so that you don’t end up with something that you don’t want.

Lesson Four: Be very careful that you do not undervalue that which has true worth.

Some sellers are so pressed for cash that they are willing to sell their items far below a price they could have commanded. Benjamin Franklin was fond of saying that ‘haste makes waste.’

Lesson Five: Tender loving care can transform one person’s trash into another person’s treasure.

Sometimes an item that has great potential value will require some up-front money to put it into tip-top shape. Once restored, the item can produce huge dividends if you are willing to make the investment. When you are willing to the pay the price up front and in advance, great things can happen.

Tune in each Monday at 10pm on the History Channel to check out the action and the lessons that you, too, can learn from the pawn stars.

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