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How to Live 100 Years

My father will turn 95 in May and he is going full speed ahead in his life as a farmer and raising cattle. Just this week he bought a new John Deere riding lawnmower with a long-term warranty!

A week ago his cardiologist, Dr. Harvey N. Sacks, had a party for all of his patients over 90. As my dad’s guest, I felt ‘young’ once again with all of the ‘older’ people in the room! This entire event got me thinking about, how you can really live as you get older and move toward 100.

There is an amazing age shift taking place in America today. In particular, the fastest growing subsets in the senior division are those over the age of 85. Think about those folks in this category. They lived through the Great Flu Pandemic, the Great Depression, two (2) World Wars, and Women Gaining the Right to Vote, Prohibition, Civil Rights, Moon Landings and the fall of Communism. They have also lived long enough to have an African American President. Time Magazine reports that by 2050, more than 800,000 people will be hitting their 2nd Century of living. There is a full report that you can read here.

The article made me think: would I want to live to the age of 100? For me: only if my quality of life will match my quantity of life. Just living to be 100 is not a big deal but being 100 and really living is a major deal!

The report in Time Magazine focuses on the following:

  • Don’t smoke
  • Walk regularly
  • Be extroverted, easy-going
  • Stay lean

So I begin my quest for answers to, “ How can you be 100 and really live?”

To Really Live, at 100:

  1. You would know that ‘why’ you want to live must be bigger than ‘how’ you will live.
  2. You must find a way to keep your dreams for the future bigger than your memories of the past.
  3. You would be a life-long learner rather than a long-winded whiner.
  4. You would be a person of generosity and gratitude rather than greedy and griping.
  5. You will view change as a challenge to be conquered rather than a fear to be avoided.
  6. You will see your advanced years as giving you wisdom rather than just aches and pains.
  7. You will remember that your duration is less important than the donation you make.

Andy Rooney observed, “Life is a lot like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end you get, the faster it goes!”

You only have one life. It makes sense to love living it!

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