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A Day with My Hero, Zig Ziglar

This past week, I had the privilege to interview one of my heroes and personal mentor, Zig Ziglar. (You may download this Ziglar webcast, The Value of A Mentor.)

Ike and Zig Webcast

Zig and I on the set of "The Value of a Mentor" webcast

At 82 years old, Zig spends at least three hours each day reading. His personal discipline reminds me of the old adage, “Leaders are readers.” His quest for truth and knowledge is never just for himself, but also for those he influences and inspires day in and day out. As the author of 29 books (and counting!), Zig is a man of integrity and has given inspiration to generations of people around the world.

For many years, Zig would call me on Saturday mornings to share what he was going to teach to his Sunday School class the next day. With his intuitive search for truth, he would always ask, “how does a pastor view this Scripture/passage?” With great timidity and prayer, I would put my theological education to work and give him a clear, concise and honest appraisal of the Scripture in question. Zig and I share the same belief that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and that no greater book for guidance, wisdom and counsel has ever been given to mankind.

Ike Zig the Redhead

Zig, The Redhead (Zig's wife) and I proudly holding our devotion book

A few years ago, Zig called and asked me if I would co-author a book with him based on many of our Saturday morning conversations. I was stunned! Even though writing a book with Zig was one of my goals (unbeknownst to Zig), I just never imagined that my name would be on the same book cover as my hero. Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar and Ike Reighard is the realization of that goal. This one-year devotional is a companion to Tyndale House’s One Year Bible, which is the best-setting devotional Bible on the market.

Zig and I autographing copies of Daily Insights

Zig and I autographing copies of Daily Insights

Saturday mornings with Zig is one of my life’s greatest blessings and I pray that Daily Insights will be a blessing to you.

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